The collection at Cannabiogen is the result of two decades worth of travel around the world in search of the very best strains. From the mountains of Jamaica and Colombia, the lush fields of Mexico and India, and the humid grow houses of Pakistan and Thailand, no country was too distant for the Cannabiogen team to explore. 
Once Cannabiogen had collected all the strains, which added up to hundreds after their travels, meticulous selections were made, and, eventually, a library of the very best specimens was decided upon. 
Most of the varieties in the Cannabiogen collection are from indigenous, traditional cultures from around the world. All of these strains have unique genetics which must be preserved. Cannabiogen has also considered the quality of Dutch genetics, which features many of their strains. 
At Cannabogen, the testers and breeders ensure that every stage of their cultivation is meticulously checked and tested. Firstly, seeds are selected by hand and at random. These seeds’ germination will be tested every three months. This occurs with every single strain in the Cannabiogen library. 
Cannabiogen is always looking to break boundaries for seedbanks, and they certainly have some unique aspects that make them stand out from the crowd. They are currently the only seedbank that place expiration dates on their seeds. This gives the customer peace of mind and ensures that their seeds are fresh. It also gives them a timeline for when it is best to grow a batch of seeds. Cannabiogen also offers precise instructions on how best to raise their strains. These instructions help novice growers manage their cultivation process while also expanding the knowledge of cultivators across the world. 

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