Voodoo Scout – Feminized

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Voodoo Scout is a combination of the two elite clone only strains Purple Voodoo and Girl Scout Cookies. Purple Voodoo is one of those true hybrids that is a nearly 50/50 mix of sativa and indica from its Double Purple Doja, Purple Urkle, and Purple Diesel heritage. The Voodoo cut  produces dark flowers with traces of purple and red. Its purple color is evident in its pungent taste and smell, which has a musky quality tinged with grape sweetness. This cut  boasts both high THC and especially high CBD levels, making it a popular medicinal strain. The high also has a balanced feeling that is both clear and relaxing. We combined this elite cut with the world famous Cookie Family’s Girl Scout Cookies clone only. The resulting hybrid yields a plant that produces rock hard nugs and an incredible high. It is full bodied and heavy hitting.
A Medium yielding hybrid with a fair amount of stretch at flowering is best suited for SCROG or LST techniques indoors but can take on a much shorter and dense structure outdoors. Flavors combine cookies, grape, diesel back ground tones with a kick of OG funk to form a very complex terpene profile. Voodoo Scout is a complete frost monster! Guaranteed Dank!

Breeder : Sour Seed Co.
Strain :  Voodoo Scout
Genetics : Purple Voodoo  x Girl Scout Cookies
Sex : Feminized
Flowering Time : 9 Weeks
Yield : Medium


1 review for Voodoo Scout – Feminized

  1. Jay

    I acquired these beans through a friend on YouTube. Since then I’ve kept her as a part of my grow tent. I’ve harvested 3 different Voo do Scouts plants and all where 6oz+ plants. I absolutely love the terpenes profile. After she was completely cured each flowers felt as though it was covered in velvet. Check out the Voodoo Scout grow on YouTube@ Devildog 420

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