Alien Vs. Triangle F2 Auto-Flower – Feminized

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Originally only produced as an F1 limited edition hybrid between our original strains Ripley’s OG and Triangle Kush, this variety was so well received by customers we had no choice but to reproduce her as an F2 and add to our main catalogue items. Seasoned growers of both auto’s and photoperiods have made statements like ‘the strongest weed I’ve ever grown’ – Alien Vs. Triangle was has also repeatedly tested over 20% THC, with one sample tested at over 25%. This automatic variety is no joke! It was also part of a comparison grow across several forums and social media platforms, so it’s also one of the most widely tested and publicized varieties. She yields very well, can grow to over 1.2 meters tall, but also can complete the full automatic cycle within 75 days. Any auto-skeptics should give this lady a whirl:

Breeder : Mephisto Genetics
Genetics : Ripley’s OG F3 x Triangle F3
Variety : 40/60 Indica/Sativa
Flowering Type : Auto-Flower
Sex : Feminized
THC Content : 25.5%
Flowering Time : 75 to 80 Days from Seed to Sprout
Yield : 120-150 grams as a single plant
Flower Density : 9.0/10
Grows : Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Medicinal Properties : Yes
Medicinal Effects : Great strain for Insomnia and pain relief
Taste : Fruity, Zesty, Piney
Effect : Very Strong, Balanced, Highly Medicinal
Aroma : Spicy, Skunky High-Grade
Extract Information : Fantastic for any extracts
*Best Method for overall high yield – 9 per 1,2m x 1,2m sq in 18 Liter pots


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Souvenir Seeds Available in 1, 3, 7, & 18

1 Souvenir Seeds, 3 Souvenir Seeds, 7 Souvenir Seeds, 18 Souvenir Seeds


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