Fruity Juice – Regular


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Fruity Juice is a specialized Indica/Sativa crossing of a sweet delicious Thai variety and a vigorous, potent, fast flowering Indica, which was used to speed up the harvest time and to shorten the height. However, if left unattended, this Thai hybrid can still stretch a bit. This sweet and fruity cannabis hybrid has a large central cola with sativa-type side branching glistening with juicy resin covered buds that have a taste and smell that remiiscent of a certain type of juicy and fruity chewing gum. Fruity Juice has a deep, sweet fruity aroma when growing and when smoked with a dreamy, uplifting cerebral high. It produces good yields of high quality marihuana.

Breeder : Sensi Seeds
Genetics : Thai / Indica
Variety : Indica / Sativa
Flowering Type : Photoperiod
Sex : Regular
Yield : Unknown
Grows : Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Flowering Time : 8 – 9 Weeks
Harvest Month : End of October
Taste : Banana, Fruity, Sweet
Effect : Cerebral, Physical, Uplifting


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