Fugue State Auto – Feminized

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This is an F4 cross of Amnesia Haze BX1 (Archive Seeds) x Walter White F5. Very sativa-dominant and ultra-resinous, this will be popular with those keen on potent sativas. The Walter White adds an extra kick to the Amnesia.
Vigorous grower with a nice, open structure, the leaves become thinner as it grows and are serrated. It is relatively fast to mature taking between 65 – 80 days from germination. High bud to leaf ratio allows ample light penetration to the interior buds. The central cola can get very dense so it is recommended to keep an eye on this and to provide ample air-circulation to prevent mould. Grows to 70 – 100 cm. tall and can produce 90 – 150 gr/plant.
It grows well in all environments, is highly potent and tends towards the cerebral and energetic type of high. The scent and flavor is Haze-y with citrus and hints of spice and pepper. Therapeutically it is a mood enhancer and appetite stimulant. High resin and terpenes make it good for extracts too.

Breeder : Mephisto Genetics
Genetics : Amnesia Haze BX1 (Archive Seeds) x Walter White F5
Variety : Mostly Sativa
Flowering Type : Auto-Flowering
Sex : Feminized
Yield : 90-150 gr/plant
Plant Height : 70-100 cm
Grows : Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Flowering Time : 65 – 80 Days from Germination
Medical Conditions : Depression, Lack of Appetite
Medicinal Properties : Yes
Taste : Citrus, Haze, Pepper, Spicy / Herbal
Effect : Cerebral, Creative, Energetic, Talkative

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