G13 GENIUS – Feminized


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We crossed two famous clone-only females to create a 100% female Super-strain. The seed mother of this hybrid is Neville’s G13/Hashplant from The Seed Bank, circa 1990. The pollen came from Silver-Thiosulfate reversal of MrSoul’s Genius.
The outstanding Airborne G13/HP clone has a flavor profile of lemon/lime with a sour milk undertone… which makes her a perfect complement to MrSoul’s Genius female (mother of the Apollo line) so we decided to combine them and thus create a 100% female strain with INCREDIBLE lemon/lime and sweet/sour flavors and aromas.

We recommend 56-65 days of 12/12 flowering. Mostly Indica, low stretching bushy plants. Highly potent and resinous buds with lemon/lime citrus fruit fragrances and flavors. Happy, uplifting psychoactivity – yet relaxing. Very heavy yield. Huge chunky buds with superb flower/leaf ratio and extreme density.

Growers notes 
One central stake generally provides perfect support for these bushy, branchy plants.  Start flowering with low-medium nutrient dosage and add stronger P-rich fertilizers in later weeks of flowering.

Breeder : Brothers Grimm
Genetics : Princess female x 88G13/Afghani male x STS reverse Princess
Variety : Mostly Indica
Flower Time : 56 – 65 days of 12/12 flowering
Flower Type : Photoperiod
Yield : Very Heavy Yield
Sex : Feminized
Grows : Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Taste : Lemon, Lime. Citrus Fruit, Sour Milk


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