Purple Heart – Reg


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Description : Purple Heart was bred as a tribute to the soldiers and service people who have dedicated their lives to keep us safe. We found that the hybrid worked wonders for PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), as well as chronic pain, making it a perfect fit for those who were coming back from war or who were suffering from similar conditions. The plant loves to be grown bushy and dense, so constant topping is recommended for the best yield.
Purple Heart has been tested and show to work well in the treatment of side effects from: PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Spasticity, and Chronic Pain.

Breeder : Alphakronik Genes Seeds
Hybrid Name : Purple Heart
Lineage : Exodus : Las Vegas Purple Kush x Snowdawg 2
Flowering Time : 60-65 Days
Indica/Sativa % : 50/50
Release Date : 9-11-14
Series Malamute Series
THC : 22.4%
CBD : .55


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