Radio Flyr – Regular


Price per Pack……$100.00
Pack Size…………..10 Souvenir Seeds

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Adding to our new all gas no brakes releases for 2020 is Radio Flyr Motorbreath #15 meets the combined efforts of Fire Marshall Bill into a pure flat out OG lovers dream plant. 
Bushy and a thicker structure than your typical OG , this plant grows mostly like an indica dominant strain and a heavy yielder unlike most. Washes incredibly high and make some beautiful lives, diamonds etc.
Loud ASF! yeah..that about sums up the terp profile of this gas beast. Literally like peeling onions in the trim room, not in terms of smell, but in terms of the burning of your eyes and all the hater tears we suffered from creating this monsterpiece. 

Breeder : Sour Seed
Genetics : Motorbreath #15 X Fire Marshall Bill (Legend OG x Tahoe X Faceoff BX)
Sex : Regular
Flowering Time : 65 Days 
Yield : High
Grows : Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Taste : Gas, Pine, Fuel


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