Raspberry Boogie – Regular


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The smell is very rich and fruity, having a light note of leather in addition to the sweet bouquet. The smell is Cap’n Crunch with a piney taste on the exhale. Zesty citrus smell wafts indirectly. The high is very meditative and heavy, with plenty of body. Mosca Seeds recommends an organic grow style as testers had lab results test at 25.1% THC! Patients have reported relief from Arthritis with this strain.
Raspberry Boogie hits on all cylinders by delivering an incredible tasting experience both on the inhale and exhale; but also delivering over 25% THC—POW!!!
*We have had several reports from Test Growers the Pink male adds medicinal relief from Arthritis and migraine headaches.

Breeder : MoscaSeeds
Lineage : Sour Raspberry x Pink 2.0
Variety : 60/40% Indica/Sativa
Flowering Type : Photoperiod
THC Content : 25.2%
CBD Content : 30.1%
Flowering Time : 8 Weeks
Harvest Month : October
Sex : Regular
Yield : 1 kilo/ plant Indoors
Grows : Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors


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