Skywalker Auto-Flower – Feminized

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Our auto skywalker is mid-sized, good vigor and growing without too much foliage, by employing an easy strategy of leaf tucking, you can encourage her to shoot branches up with little to zero interference to overall growth. Her open structure allows good penetration and therefore increased yields and minimal pop-corn. Internodal length is moderate and she’s very manageable.

Breeder : Mephisto Genetics
Complete cycle time: 65-70 Days
Per plant yield in a 9 plant to 600w HPS arrangement, Pot size :15L, medium : Organic Soil : 50-90 grams
Size : 60-90cm in height
Structure : Medium Branchy
Aroma : Pungeant with a Capital P OG, earthy, piney, dash of lemon
Taste : Mouth coating Blend of Earthy, Pungeant and Sweet rolled into one.
Medicinal Benefits : Great for anxiety and pain relief, promotes well being.
Effects : Strong, Couch-locking, straight to the legs and straight to the head, and will take you to your own world of planet skywalker
Flower Density : 9.5/10

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Souvenir Seeds Available in 1, 3, 7, & 18 pack

1 Souvenir Seeds, 3 Souvenir Seeds, 7 Souvenir Seeds, 18 Souvenir Seeds


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