GrandShocker – Regular


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Pack Size…………..10 Souvenir Seeds

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This is a cross of (UW X Grapefruit pheno of C99) X GDP. UW is a marijuana strain that comes with its own superhero origin story. Rumor has it that a clone was stolen from a certain Pacific Northwest University’s medical research lab in the early nineties.—In some versions by a rogue graduate student—and has since been a popular top-shelf indica. We then use the Pre-Mr. Soul comeback Grapefruit pheno of C99 to give it a extra kick. Then we found an amazing male Granddaddy Purple to tie everything together. The goal was to provide an amazing medical balance of cannabis and we did just that with the GrandShocker. With a flower time of 60 days GrandShocker produces thick dense flowers. Amazing fruity smell with an almost rotten fruit smell at the end of flowering.

Breeder : Southern Oregon Seeds
Genetics : (UW X Grapefruit pheno of C99) X GDP
Variety : Indica Dominant
Flowering Type : Photoperiod
Sex : Regular
Yield : High
Grows : Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Flowering Time : 60 days


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