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The Stardawg genetics received its name for the crystallized and bright trichomes that make this variety dazzle even the meanest critic.  It is a hybrid cross between Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg.  Our Stardawg Auto-flowering version is a very potent strain with a THC level of up to 22%.  Don’t say you were not warned!  Consumers can be prepared for a very mindful journey, followed by body euphoria. 
Its smell is very distinct and mood boosting.  If you are a firm believer in aromatherapy, look no further.  Additionally, Stardawg is a good choice for patients needing to combat stress, fatigue, and anxiety disorders. 
Citrus and pine with a lemon touch. 
This variety is known for announcing its full effect in the first 5 minutes of being consumed.  These effects are reflected as a wholly experience: mind and body.  Culminating in central hemisphere of the mind, total relaxation ripples outwards throughout to your extremities.  Shortly after, there is clash between creative and psychedelic energies.  It also helps to increase appetite and reduce nausea.  Not only can it be enjoyed recreationally but also for its medicinal applications.
You’ll need a few minutes before you can stand up after having tested this mind buster. 
There is no mystery to why the cultivation process is so freakin’ simple.  As the plant grows, you will observe green buds complemented with glittering crystals and “orange” hairs on the surface.
If you weren’t paying attention before, we highly recommend that you give the plant enough room for its growth because this plant can become quite tall and its branches need to be able to deploy sufficiently.  For indoor grows, we recommend using pots with at least 3 gallons (10-11 liters) with 600-1000 watt lights.

Breeder : Fast Buds
Grows :  Greenhouse, Indoor, & Outdoor
Sex : Feminized
Variety : Sativa/Indica
Genetics : Stardawg auto-flowering
Flowering : 8-9 Weeks
Yield : XL 
Plant Height US : Up to 40 inches 
Plant Height EU : 70 – 120 cm 
THC Content : Very High 
CBD Content : Low 
Flowering Type : Auto-flowering
Taste : Pine
Medical Properties : Yes
Medicinal Properties :
Glaucoma, Nausea, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Back pain, PMS, Arthritis, Herpes, Rheumatism, Sickle Cell, Expectorant, Stress, Migraines, AIDS, Tumors, Asthma
Awards : 3rd Neurocopa 2017



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