Strawberry Cheese Auto – Feminized


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Strawberry Cheese Auto has a distinct taste of cheese with sweet, fruity notes. THC production is high at between 15 – 20% with CBD likely to come in at between 1 – 2%. The effect of this strain is pretty hard-hitting and one which will soon put consumers in a very relaxed space.
Strawberry Cheese Auto is a cross between White Widow, Cheese, Chronic with added ruderalis genetics. It is an indica-dominant strain which will remain quite short and stocky producing plenty of dense, resinous buds.
Therapeutically this strain is recommended for relieving stress and it is likely to also stimulate the appetite via an attack of the munchies.
These plants will grow to approximately 100 cm. tall, give or take a few centimetres. As an auto-flowering strain these plants will complete their life-cycle successfully whether grown indoors or outdoors. Their short cycle means that they will reach maturity outdoors even in northern European summers and, in regions where the climate is more hospitable, outdoor growers should be able to raise two, or even as many as three, crops per season.

Breeder : SOS
Genetics : White Widow x Cheese x Chronic x Ruderalis
Variety : Mostly Indica
Flowering Type : Auto-Flowering
Sex : Feminized
THC Content : 15 – 20%
CBD Content : 01 – 2%
Plant Height : 100 cm approx
Grows : Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Flowering Time : Approx. 10 Weeks from Seeds
Medical Conditions : Lack of Appetite, Stress
Medicinal Properties : Yes
Taste : Cheese, Fruity, Sweet
Effect : Physical, Powerful, Relaxing


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